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French cuff dress shirts have been around for at least a century and were once considered de rigueur for a man to wear when wearing a suit. A man would wear his cuff links with his shirt, and the cuff links were often heirlooms passed down from father to son.

As men search for a variety of details to establish their own personal voice through their clothing, wearing a French cuff is as much of a statement as wearing a printed dress shirt. A French cuff shirt is elegant and nods to bygone times where wearing a hat and opening the door for a lady were the norm and not the exception.

One can wear a French cuff shirt to a variety of occasions:

Date Night-Wearing a French shirt with jeans and a fashionable belt is a nice outfit to wear out. It is a step up from traditional dress shirts and it says that you pay attention to the details. Pair a fun pair of cuff links in maybe a gunmetal or polished silver with a symbol such as a fleur de lis, an eagle or something equally stylish.

A Wedding or Black Tie Affair-It goes without saying that French cuffs go hand in hand with tuxedos or any other suit that you would wear to a black tie function. Use this opportunity to pair a flashier pair of cuff links with your white French cuff dress shirt. You can opt for a black cuff link rimmed in gold or perhaps a cuff link that has a pave diamond or something similar that has a bit of shine.

Business-When wearing a cuffed dress shirt for business, the looks should not be flashy at all. Choose a dress shirt such as one in white or French blue. Pair this with an understated and conservative cuff link. It is not commonplace to wear a French cuff dress shirt to work as it is really only power lawyers or Wall Street types who feel comfortable in wearing these looks, but try it. It is always nice to see such a polished look at the workplace.


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The secret of success for jeans lies in its color, texture, and ability to comfort both the body and the soul in a challenging world.It is well known in the design space that when it comes to the visual experience, texture and color are highly persuasive mediums capable of stimulating emotion and feelings. Blue, man’s favorite color, is the color of the sky and the ocean, symbolizing youth spirituality, truth, peace, dependability, sincerity, and stability.

Texture is the structure, appearance, and feel of a woven fabric. Jeans fabric is cotton twill with dyed blue warp (vertical) yarn  and horizontal weft undyed natural yarn. The result is a fabric that  appears dark blue on its face and almost white on its backside. Although the warp yarn is dipped in dye several times, the core of the yarn stays white. This imperfection, with repeated wearing and wash, begins to fade out, giving jeans the uneven, faded and stressed look. The tears, marks and fading draw a history of the wearer’s life. This has made jeans into an icon of rebellion and non-conformity. Its cool, unevenly faded look also brings a calming feeling with a soft touch.

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