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Angelino Casual Shirts

Angelino casual fashion, a premier Los Angeles based menswear Company, is a leader in cutting edge casual men’s fashions. Founded in 1999, Angelino produces stylish men’s clothing including casual shirts,Sport cots, jeans , cufflinks , socks and Fashion Suits . Angelino clothing is the brand to wear if you’re a fashion-forward guy who enjoys looking his best. 

Los Angeles as a city often doesn’t get the fashion hype it deserves. As the Mecca of Hollywood and celebrities, trends are often started on the streets of Los Angeles. A paparazzo snaps a shot of Brad Pitt going about his daily life dressed in a particular style of clothing, and everyone glamors for the same items. Actors and actresses are the first to wear the cool new styles of casual fashion menswear, and the other Angelinos follow suit. Angelino’s line of casual clothing was created with a particular aesthetic in mind - the shirts, jeans and jackets are for the guy who looks effortlessly fashionable. Angelino clothing doesn’t follow the trends, it helps establish them.

Along with our trendsetting casual mens shirts, Angelino has an exciting collection of formal wear and men’s clothing accessories including cufflinks line has a more modern design approach with clean lines and simple shapes. One unique stone cufflinks feature different color stones encapsulated within the metal shell of the cufflink. These cufflinks make a bold statement and look great paired with both formal and casual wear shirts, depending on your taste. including cufflinks. The cufflinks come in a variety of unique styles, and are made for casual wear as well as formal wear . The casual line of cufflinks are crafted in an antiqued metal finish and embellished with intricate patterns for visual interest. Our formal wear